Ultrasound for the Baby

Ultrasound for the baby – 3D, 4D, HD and more

Pregnancy is a welcome event in most every woman’s life. It is the beginning of a new phase of life where many changes, both physical and psychological, occur.  For some women the pregnancy experience is easier than anticipated with minimal difficulties but with others it can be a trying time, both emotionally and physically.

During the pregnancy women typically undergo baby ultrasounds, frequently referred to as sonograms. These medical ultrasounds should be conducted at the appropriate time during the pregnancy and are important in revealing much information about the well-being of both mom and  baby. The doctor, usually the obstetrician, or midwife caring for the pregnant patient, will refer her for a routine ultrasound at certain times during the pregnancy or as medically indicated. Sometimes during these scans, the fetal gender will be determined.

By utilizing ultrasound technology doctors are able to obtain a detailed anatomical assessment of the unborn baby which is interpreted by the radiologist and incorporated into a subsequent medical report.  Ultrasound equipment is becoming more sophisticated enabling greater visualization and detail of the unborn baby and hence facilitating earlier detection of fetal abnormalities and potential medical issues.

Usually medical ultrasounds are conducted entirely in the conventional 2D or black and white mode.  Sometimes the technologist  in the hospital or clinic setting is using a machine that has 3D capability and will provide the patient with a snapshot of her baby in 3D.

Many private companies offer sessions entirely in 3D/4D  if preferred where parents and family can view baby in a relaxed setting. Usually there is a selection of packages to choose from ranging from basic gender determination to full packages which include ample baby viewing time. One of the latest advancements in 3D ultrasound is HD live, which provides a more natural skin tone  and allows the operator to highlight certain features of the baby by moving around a virtual light source. This new technology is currently available at Baby in Sight 3D/4D Fetal Ultrasound (www.babyinsight3d.com).


At Baby in Sight 3D we endeavour to make our clients’ experience one they will cherish for a lifetime. We offer several packages which can include digital jpeg images, video set to background music, and hard copy high resolution printed photographs. We also provide gender determination packages and are happy to assist in any way we can with your gender reveal party plans. A variety of baby gifts such as the Heartbeat Puppy or Teddy Bear, picture frames, doppler units, baby blankets and more are also available in our gift shop.

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